About us

Oh hi there! We're Piece Society. Nice to meet you! 

We’re not your average puzzle brand - founded by two sisters who LOVE puzzles - Jac and Katie. 

piece society duo jac and katie

Jac is professional button pusher - you'll see her incredible landscape photography transformed into four puzzles soon to be launched at piecesociety.com. You can check out her work at @itsjaclee and itsjaclee.com.  Jac enjoys (very) early mornings, lifting weights, and travel.

Katie is an operations professional, wife, and new Mum to son Alfred. She loves drinking coffee, racing people on bikes, cooking, and being a complete weirdo.

Jac and Katie created Piece Society out of a desire for aesthetically appealing and amazing quality puzzles - so good you’d want to frame them and display in your home. Not only that, but they also wanted to create a brand that could showcase local and emerging artists of all kinds - from photographers and painters, to collage and digital artists.

The first collection of puzzles is a curation of four of @itsjaclee’s landscape works. These four pieces are incredibly meaningful to Jac. Inspired by her love for travel and the coastlines of Australia and beyond - these pieces bring a sense of peace, calm and remind her of the carefree life of a nomad.

We hope you love these pieces as much as we do. We hope they encourage you to slow down, to relax and enjoy a moment of peace and calm - all whilst getting satisfaction from the fact that you’re piecing together an actual work of art.

Love, Jac & Katie